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A warm welcome - to our newest Destination Partners

Follie In Lincoln Shop Local 14

A new feature to the blog, presenting our 'Warm Welcome' - a quarterly update on the new Partners that have joined the fold here at Destination Lincolnshire.

Holly Christian, Relationship Executive at Destination Lincolnshire said: "We've had a really successful quarter and a great start to the year. It's always great to see so many people interested in what we do, which is reflected in our events' attendance numbers this quarter. So many have been fully booked, and those with no capacity limit have had a fantastic mix of businesses from across the county. It's been fab to see so many familiar faces and new ones - so many of which we're thrilled to now have on board as Partners."

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Over the past 18 years, Follie has become a destination for those looking for gift inspiration. I adore sourcing unique items, so people usually find a little something to take home for themselves too. I've always championed the local businesses we have here in Lincoln, and it was Destination Lincolnshire's shared passion for my home county as well as the team's positive energy and commitment to make Lincoln and Lincolnshire one of the top ten destinations in the country that encouraged me to become a partner. I feel like it’s a really exciting time for Lincolnshire, there is so much wealth and scope for potential and I wanted to be a part of something, bigger than just me, to contribute to the visitor experience on a level I could not achieve by myself.
Josie Rossington Follie

Quarter One | 2023

Oh La La

Lincoln Minster

Washingborough Hall


JB Farming

Healing Manor

Holocaust Centre

Go Ape Normanby Hall

Caistor Lakes

24 Burton and 5 Occupation Road

If you aren't yet a Partner and would love to hear more about our new Partnership Packages, get in touch with the team today.


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