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T-stats is here to help your business thrive

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We know statistics can be a dry subject, but understanding how data can support you in running a proactive and informed business is vital especially facing the challenges of today's economy. How do you get your hands on all this data?

Used by Destination Management Organisations across the UK, we are thrilled to bring you the opportunity to benefit from the T-Stats platform as part of your partnership with us.

Join us and Acorn Tourism on September 28th at 11am for this one-hour session, that aims to demystify T-Stats, show you exactly how to input your data and make the most out of the comparative statistics available. How it can affect and support your business, and how the wider data can influence your decisions.

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T-Stats is an incredible tool for accommodation, hospitality and attraction businesses, allowing you track your own figures and performance, from footfall to occupancy levels and everything in between. T-Stats allows you to benchmark against national businesses including your competitors and view the impact external influences such as the weather, transport and events have on your business, plotting trends and allowing you to make more informed decisions when future planning.

A visitor economy tracking tool that you, as a Destination Lincolnshire partner have access to totally free of charge, T-Stats can help you monitor the performance of your business, track the performance indicators that matter to you and your business and benchmark yourself against others regionally and nationally, supply and demand data across UK occupancy rates, inbound and domestic visitor arrivals, overnight and spend, passenger movements at all UK airports, petrol prices, exchange rates. Tracking factors include:

  • Occupancy data
  • Expenditure
  • Staffing costs
  • Social media
  • Website traffic
  • Water usage
  • Power costs

The platform allowed you to create tailored monthly reports too with custom comparison filters, so you can identify trends and their impact - you can even see how the weather and transport is affecting your performance. Internally, you can use it to evaluate marketing campaigns, plan your staffing needs, apply for grants or loans - it really can help you access so much information.

Through this webinar, and - we aren't going to lie - some effort on your part, T-Stats will deliver an opportunity for you to really understand where your business fits in to our destination as a whole. And will help you make the most of all the data that is at your fingertips.

To join us on September 28th at 11am for this free discovery session. To book your space, or relay any questions back to us, please drop Becky and email.


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