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Shining a Light on Statistics: See how we performed for you during June

Digital Development Manager Chrissy

As part of our mission here at Destination Lincolnshire, we want to keep you - our partners and Lincolnshire businesses - in the loop as much as we possibly can.

And we think monthly updates on the work we're doing on your behalf, to put Greater Lincolnshire out there as a place to visit, live and work, should be a part of that transparency. Especially our activity across social media, PR, and more.

So, June in numbers looked something like 12 pieces of press coverage - with a PR value of 206,085.00 - and 121,562,776 total coverage impressions. From press releases about the city's 1940s weekend and Cycle Lincolnshire to showcasing no-fly family breaks over the summer, the coverage was vast and varied to say the least. Running across print, radio and online, Lincolnshire got some fantastic shout-outs.

The 'England's Prettiest Places' and '30 Dog-Friendly Holiday Destinations in Britain' coverage on MSN News had 1,648,000 views combined.

Moving on to social media, and team member Emily P has reported some incredible statistics:


Social Media Audience - 66,253 (up 0.7%)

> Facebook and Instagram Reach – 358,362 (up 75%)

> Impressions across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - 862,044 (up 88%)

> Interactions across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - 19,326 (up 51%)

> Newsletter Subscribers - 6,325 (up from 4,000)

> New Visitors - 50,448

> Page Views - 136,295

Quarterly Report

Looking across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, our audience grew 2%, from 192,176 to 197,285; impressions grew 39%, from 1,715,247 to 2,375,745; interactions grew 23%, from 41,888 to 51,586; and reach grew 17%, from 987,763 to 987,763.


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