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Shining a Light on Statistics: See how we performed for you during July

Jo and Jennie from the Destination Lincolnshire team

As part of our mission here at Destination Lincolnshire, we want to keep you - our partners and Lincolnshire businesses - in the loop as much as we possibly can.

And we think monthly updates on the work we're doing on your behalf, to put Greater Lincolnshire out there as a place to visit, live and work, should be a part of that transparency. Especially our activity across social media, PR, and more.

July in numbers looked something like 16 pieces of press coverage - with a PR value of £125,185.00 - and 8,464,530 total coverage impressions. From press releases about the Tv and film scenes that have used Lincolnshire as their stunning backdrop and showcasing Cycle Lincolnshire and green spaces to a round up release which put 'alternative festivals' such as Lincolnshire' Sausage Festival and Steampunk Festival on the radar, the coverage was vast and varied to say the least. Running across print, radio and online, Lincolnshire got some fantastic time to shine.

The 'Enjoy a Two-Wheel Break across Lincolnshire' featured across the Cumbria Times, Yorkshire Times, Lancashire Times and North East Post, and while The Express included Lincoln in its 'Cheap but stunning places to visit this summer' round up. With that coverage alone generating 118.9k views.

Destination Lincolnshire's CEO Charlotte Goy also had the opportunity to speak for Lincolnshire in Skrift's coverage of the new DMO review in the 'UK overhauls destination marketing for new era of tourism' comment piece.

Moving on to social media, and team members Emily P and Emily B have reported some incredible statistics:


Social Media Audience - 66,799 (up 0.8%)

> Facebook and Instagram Reach – 364,226 (up 1.6%)

> Impressions across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - 704,190

> Interactions across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - 15,354

> Newsletter Subscribers - 6,325 (up from 4,000)

Over on TikTok...

> Video views are up 44.76% to 4,085

> Profile views are up 63.33% to 147

> Like are up 62.04% to 175

> Comments are up a whopping 1,600% to 34

> Shares are up 171.43% to 19

Exchequor Gate July Andy connolly photography

These two pictures generated some serious interest on social. On the left we have Exchequer Gate, taken by our very own Emily P. This photo alone secured:

> A reach of 105,144
> 2,813 reactions

On the right, it was this snap of Steep Hill by Andy Connolly Photography generated:

> A reach of 104,319
> 1645 reactions

Woolsthorpe Manor South Kesteven Cycle England

And this month, Cycle Lincolnshire is joining the statistics foray! Since June, our very own Emily B has been at the helm of Cycle Lincolnshire's social media platforms, and the statistics speak for themselves:

> Impressions were up 204.41% to 3,519

> Interactions were up 128.67% to 343

> Audience grew to 613, up 9.86%

> Reach was up 279.35% to 1,525

This stunning shot of Woolsthorpe Manor, was the best single performing post, with a reach of 502.


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