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Shining a Light on Statistics: See how we performed for you during August

Tortilla, Lincoln - queue outside on opening day

August in numbers - and it painted an interesting picture indeed. In regard to PR, it looked something like 36 pieces of coverage, with a PR value of £1.2m - and 677,098,538 total coverage impressions.

From press releases about Lincoln Pride, autumn across the county, and new venue openings in the city to Christmas Market coverage, the county received some incredibly positive time time in the spotlight during August.

The opening of Tortilla and the Cornhill bubble tea store, CUPP, Steampunk Festival - with this article alone delivering a reach of 471,273,149, memory-making trips, and walks in the Wolds and Louth all featured in press across the UK. But back to Christmas, and coverage in August alone delivered a combined reach of 132,454,671.

Lincoln queue 2

Moving on to social media, and team members Emily P and Emily B have reported some interesting statistics for the last month:

Social Media Audience - 67,236 (up 0.7%)

> Facebook and Instagram Reach – 173,843 (down 52%)

> Impressions across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – 482,013

> Interactions across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – 11,002

While, at first glance, this month's social media performance may seem like a downer, it's all in the context. Audience is continuing to grow across all channels, which is hugely encouraging.

Reach, we believe, is down due to comparative data. During July two posts in particular had over 100k views – obviously not every post can get such a huge reaction, which is why you'll see reach going up and down.

On the plus side, Instagram Reels have been a big hit this past month. Posting six throughout August, the result was 41,156 views combined. The most popular by far being the Steampunk Promenade – which is now on 16K (and counting!)

Untitled design 2022 08 09 T140453 806 1 Instagram Square 25

A huge event in the city's social calendar, we couldn't let August's report go by without a special reference to Steampunk. We had such a huge reaction to the event across consumer-facing platforms, not just the 16k reel.

Instagram posts (x2): 9315 reach

Facebook post: 44,937 reach | 552 reactions | 125 comments | 706 link clicks | 103 shares

Event page (from Jan – Aug): 29,066 views

Cycle Lincolnshire’s performance looked something like...

> Impressions were up 95.08% to 6,865

> Interactions sat at 326, marginally down on last month by 4.96%

> Audience grew to 670, up 9.30%

> Reach was up 124.26% to 3,420

While, over on TikTok...

> Video views are up 185.07% to 11,645

> Profile views are up 37.% to 202

> Like are up 76% to 308

> Comments, after last month’s incredible 1,600% increase are predictably down, by just 29.41%

> Shares are up 5.26% to 20


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