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Shining a Light on Statistics:
See how we performed for you during the month of May


As part of our mission here at Destination Lincolnshire, we want to keep you - our partners and Lincolnshire businesses - in the loop as much as we possibly can.

From now on, that means monthly updates on the work we're doing on your behalf to put Greater Lincolnshire out there as a place to visit, live and work. And that includes our activity across social media, PR, and more.

We want to be as transparent as possible with you, a stepping-stone in our efforts to build up an honest and authentic relationship moving forward under the new guise of Destination Lincolnshire.

So first up, PR. May in numbers looked something like 19 pieces of press coverage and 110,985,724 total coverage impressions. From press releases about historic Lincolnshire and Jubilee celebrations to to pushing events such as the Sausage Festival, Then & Now photos, and LNER campaigns - the coverage was vast and varied to say the least.

Looking at print, publications Lincolnshire featured in included Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Telegraph, while online our reach included local news site The Lincolnite, Lincolnshire In Focus, Grantham Journal, and Lincolnshire Live, and nationally iNews, The Guardian, Mail Online, Lancashire Times, The Week Uk, Evening Standard, and

Each piece of online coverage resulted in an individual reach varying from 37k to 25,000,000.

MAY LOTUS coverage 1

It was great to see The Starring Lincoln Theatre Company's production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame feature in The Guardian. As well as being a sell-out production - which has left audiences dazzled to say the least - Starring Lincoln has also collected countless tonnes of food for local food banks having asked ticket holders to contribute what they could. What an amazing achievement, alongside putting Lincoln Cathedral, the city and wider county on the map nationally.

Moving on to social media, and team member Emily P has reported some incredible statistics:


Social Media Audience - 65.7k
> Facebook and Instagram Reach – 2,108,039
> Newsletter Subscribers - 4000

> Website Visits -743,273
> Page Views - 2,085,027

> What’s On Page Views - 60,268
> Blog Views - 195,570

Jubilee Campaign

> 107,561 impressions on the Visit Lincoln website ad
> 2,600 entries

> 12,663 reach on Facebook and Instagram for Jubilee-specific posts

Events (tagged with jubilee)
> 3757 views just in May

We're planning on bringing you these updates monthly, so the question is - what else do you want to see included? Email with your ideas.


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