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Visit Lincoln Easter Marketing LNER Campaign reveals key audience insight

LNER Azuma at Lincoln credit LNER

Alongside the event-based, community driven campaigns we run within the county to champion the visitor economy and the vast variety of businesses working within it – campaigns such as our Summer Loves Lincoln campaign – we also work with media partners behind the scenes to ensure how we market Lincolnshire, and your businesses, is as targeted as possible.


  1. When: Campaign ran from March 29th until April 25th
  2. Spend: £3k
  3. Impressions: 2.3million
  4. Site lands: 3,420, a CPSL (click per site land) of £0.88
  5. Users reached: More than 1million
  6. Image feedback: The view of Lincoln Cathedral from the Castle walls image drove 89% of total site lands
  7. Devices: Mobile drove more than 93% of total clicks

Case in point, the LNER x Visit Lincoln Easter Campaign. Designed to test a variety of audiences and encourage more visitors from London and the South East, this particular campaign ran from March 29th until April 25th. And we’re delighted to now be able to share the insights with you – it may well help you target more specific audiences moving forward as well as inform our long-term strategy for the county.

Alongside the key figures highlighted above, we were really interested to discover so many nuggets of information among the finer print. For example, Sunday had the highest number of site lands (554) closely followed by Saturday (537) while Thursday was the poorest performer (423). That traffic was mainly generated through mobile devices too – tablets in particular driving 1.12% of CTR (click through rate) over and above mobiles. That said it was mobiles that drove the highest percentage of click, sitting at 93%. Desktop sat at the bottom at around 0.33% - an interesting point when looking at your audience and users in regard to sponsored content.

Images played a huge role too, with both single and carousel images tested. Single images performed above and beyond in directing site lands, the best resulting in 3,307 when compared to carousel which only generated 113. The partnering caption for the best performing image – that of Lincoln Cathedral as seen from the Castle walls – was very short, succinct and snappy. No scrolling to be done at all. When it comes to social messaging, ensure what your audience needs to know begins your caption, at least if they then continue scrolling, they will have grasped your main action point.

This campaign was designed to increase site activity on the Visit Lincoln website and so was targeted at families who had an interest in travelling, history and culture. It was the ‘In-Market for Vacations’ audience which saw the highest site engagement and generated the most clicks (485), with the majority of users visiting the site being females (57%) aged 25-34 (21%). With that in mind, the greatest volume of impressions were seen across ‘News’ and ‘Family’ related domains such as Parents, Mums Net and My London News.

So many take-aways have come from this singular campaign, take-aways which we hope will help you to continue to hone how you target your audiences to reach the visitors you want – this feedback is a tiny window into the world of the consumer. Continue to be creative, test your placement through Facebook and Instagram Ads, and be confident in testing different copy styles to generate an even stronger performance.


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