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Expert insights: Professor Cathy Parker on the role of policy, places and people

DC 2022 09 27 DL EVENT 279 min

Following on from our Lincolnshire: Levelling up through the visitor economy event, we're delighted to be able to share with you the insight of our keynote speaker, Professor Cathy Parker, chair of the Institute of Place Management, Research LEad and High Streets Task Force.

So many of those who attended our event in September requested access to Cathy's slides. We promised we'd share them and we can now deliver on that promise. Available for you to view online, Cathy's slides act as a prompt to remind you of the points raised and covered during the event.


Many of you have also asked for Ian Thomas's insights and slides. As Ian's presentation and talk utilised data that will form part of a longer piece of research, yet to be completed, we will not be releasing this information as of yet. But, of course, will keep you posted once the research has been completed.


To view Cathy's slides click here.


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