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Discovery Days - Helping us discover Greater Lincolnshire

Boston Frampton Marsh Sculpture Sunset

Under our new countywide remit, making sure that every corner of Greater Lincolnshire is represented through our platform and channels, we’re heading out and about to get to know our county, and the businesses and initiatives working within it, discover new areas and – most importantly – new opportunities for attracting visitors as well as encouraging residents to explore beyond what lies on their doorstep.

The first of our discovery days took place mid-May, and saw the team head to Boston, to explore its green spaces. Hosted by Councillor Austin, we headed to the market town – which is already undergoing some incredible rejuvenation under the towns deal project – to see what green spaces the town and surrounding areas has to offer.

With wellbeing and mental health, and promoting positivity and openness across both, still very much being key points of discussion, it was fantastic to see so many beautiful places where people can go to indulge in some green therapy.

Councillor Austin took us around local park areas, nature reserves and open spaces as well as to the We’ll Meet Again Homefront Museum. Run by Paul and Linda Britchford, it’s a great asset for the area, and absolutely an attraction both aviation and ancestral target audiences would enjoy.

Those facets within our tourism market are so niche, yet so full of dedicated patrons, and boasts an international reach too. A local gem and Pride of Boston winner – rather aptly located adjacent to a series of WW2 coastal defences, which form part of the educational and historical experience – We’ll Meet Again offers a unique and critically acclaimed teaching experience to children in a safe and secure environment, as well as displaying a vast collection of WW1 and WW2 artefacts to all.

We’re keen to visit as many places as we can, the more we know about the county and the vast landscape of our tourism economy the better.

While each member of team here has been brought together for their expertise in the destination marketing sector, we don’t claim to know it all. Every day we are learning more and more about Greater Lincolnshire and the way to market the county as a destination both now and in the future, so if you feel a discovery day with you or in your area will add to our arsenal of knowledge, please get in touch via email:


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