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Corporate gifting with The Lincolnshire Gift Card

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Do you support your business community when planning Christmas rewards for your team? There are countless options when it comes to Christmas gifting in the corporate world. But what if, this year, you choose an option that will not only make those on your team smile but support your business community, our visitor experience and circular economy?

With 94.9% of organisations saying supporting local was important when planning rewards/incentives, The Lincolnshire Gift Card is the perfect way to show your Lincolnshire businesses and your team that you care. What’s more, you could; join 91.5% of the businesses surveyed by Miconex and choose to ‘support local’ to contribute to their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts - your staff will thank you for it with 83% of employees saying they would rather receive a gift card from work as a ‘useful’ reward.

As a business, you'll also be able to make use of the trivial benefits scheme with no tax or NI to pay on your staff rewards. A key benefit of using Town & City Gift Cards in partnership with Destination Lincolnshire and the Lincolnshire Gift Card is tax efficiency through the trivial benefits scheme.

A UK Government initiative, the trivial benefits scheme allows an organisation to give their staff a non-cash reward of up to £50 with no tax or national insurance to pay. The £50 limit for each employee is per gift rather than per year too, so you can optimise this benefit more than once a year, just as long as it doesn’t become part of the employee’s regular salary or contract.

Boost your team’s motivation and choose to give a reward that supports your business community too. The Lincolnshire Gift Card works to keep money in the county, supporting the visitor economy and recruitment agenda – and give your team a gift they can spend countywide, on an experience, treat and meal to suit their personal taste.

With a wide variety of Destination Lincolnshire Partners accepting the card, if you’re yet to confirm your corporate gifting for 2023, let the Lincolnshire Gift Card and Miconex make that decision easy. One simple online order, and you’ll be done. With a wide variety of Destination Lincolnshire Partners accepting the card, you’ll be gifting the joy of exploring Lincolnshire for 2023!

For more information head over to Town and City Gift Cards.


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