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Become a partner to promote Lincolnshire


Cafes and hotels, B&B’s and eateries, family attractions and heritage sites, whether you’re a start-up or an established business, as a partner of Destination Lincolnshire you’ll not only have the inside line to an enhanced level of support from our team but be able to contribute to changing how visitors see Greater Lincolnshire. This is your chance to do something different, and really put our county on the map. Together.

Our community is growing, and we’d love you to join us too. Coming in to Destination Lincolnshire at partner level means you’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with more than 250 other partners working within Greater Lincolnshire – including Doddington Hall and Gardens, The National Trust, Spirit of Skegness, The Lincolnshire Showground, Siemens, International Bomber Command Centre, and Stokes of Lincoln.

We recognise the diversity that now operates within our visitor economy, which is why - no matter your size, or your niche - there is room and a package to suit your needs. Far from one size fits all, partnership with Destination Lincolnshire is open to any business or individual looking to work with and support the tourism industry. An incredible opportunity to boost your profile, take advantage of expert knowledge, attend our events and access professional guides from the likes of Visit England and DCMS, you’ll be working with an award-winning team.

The more you put in as a partner the more you will get out of this experience – we guarantee it.

Don’t worry though – we won’t just drop you in at the deep end. Destination Lincolnshire will be there every step of the way too – hands-on not arm’s length. From signposting you to the experts to mentoring your business through collaborations, partnerships and exciting expansions, you’ll be a part of a network of knowledgeable, like-minded businesses ready and raring to support your growth.

Post-covid, bringing like-minded businesses together is such a high priority. It’s now the time to champion partnerships that have not yet been possible. Creating connections in this way , across the physical and metaphorical landscape of Great Lincolnshire’s visitor economy, will continue to reinforce this joined up approach. It’s something we are truly excited to lead on.

That said, it’s a two-way street. While, as a partner, you'll be included in marketing campaigns and invited to join our networks of driven, engaged business owners and leaders, we WANT and NEED to hear about yours too. Your thoughts, your worries, your successes, your campaigns – the more ideas and knowledge we can pool together to keep our community informed the better.

The more you put in as a partner the more you will get out of this experience – we guarantee it. And you can be sure that we’ll be calling on our partners for help. We desperately want to be shouting about all the incredible things you’re doing, achieving and championing – so tell us.

Keeping you in the loop, as well as providing opportunities for partnerships to flourish is high on the agenda too. Partner events are being developed and planned, ready for you to make contacts and connections that promise to level your business up.

Far from those run-of-the-mill coffee mornings and networking events, what we’re bringing you is well outside the box. Details about the launch event will be revealed soon, along with how you can get involved – but, in the meantime, what would you like to see? What partner event would get you up and out? No idea is too silly or sensible – get in touch.

The nitty gritty - why join Destination Lincolnshire?

We have over 250 Destination Lincolnshire partners and every week this number grows as new people join us. By becoming a partner, you’re become part of a community that has been especially built for people working in tourism, retail, hospitality and leisure.

Our mission is simple, we want to help you build a wildly successful business, and we are doing this in two ways:

  1. Firstly, by including your business in our marketing for Lincolnshire through a range of different packages to suit all costs.
  2. Secondly, by connecting you with other like-minded people so that you become part of Lincolnshire’s visitor economy network working with other business owners and operators across tourism, retail, leisure and hospitality.

Invest in these two things and you will create many new opportunities not just for your own business but for the whole Lincolnshire visitor economy.
The travel market is hugely competitive, and we must work together to look at the whole tourism offer in Lincolnshire, because that’s the only way that we can get more people to visit, stay longer and spend more money in our county.

Our Destination Lincolnshire business community is the only place in Lincolnshire where people working in tourism, leisure, retail and hospitality can come together and see Lincolnshire as one place, just like their visitors do.

Why do so many people choose to work with us?

  • We attract over 2.8 million people to our websites, that’s a huge amount of people looking for places to visit and spend their money. This number is growing year-on-year and to put that into perspective, that's over two times as many people as there are residents in the whole of Lincolnshire.
  • We have over 70,000 active social media followers who see and engage with our stories and posts every day across all six of our social media channels.
  • Partners get the chance to market their business to new customers through our channels, and they can add offers, events, take part in press trips and promotions.
  • Our partners have the chance to be featured in our inspirational travel blogs and printed guides which are distributed all over England.
  • Only partners get advertising on, and in our popular e-newsletters.
  • They get access to specialised training and support tailor made for businesses working in the Visitor Economy, with help from Visit England.
  • Partners get extra help in entering our annual tourism awards, which include a mystery shopper and a passport into the national Visit England awards.
  • And finally, our partners love our industry insights and research that lands right in their inbox or social groups.

If now’s not the right time for you, don’t worry. You can still access lots of useful information. Ready to join? Let's go.


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