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Emma Olivier-Townrow at Stokes, The Lawn, Lincoln

Everything Emma Olivier-Townrow does, day in and day out, is with business transformation at heart - from how they work and the setting they work within to how they are experienced by the visitor, whoever that may be.

A familiar face on the Greater LEP, Visitor Economy Board, Institute of Directors, an Ambassador for Equality, Apprenticeships Ambassador for the East Midlands… The list goes on. A Lincoln girl born and bred Emma, as a teen even Emma will confess to wanting to escape. But she stuck at it, stayed true to her roots and remained in the county.

Following years of studying, getting a brilliant education and superb training in the process, Emma discovered a wonderful career and soon realised the incredible assets that lie within Lincolnshire. After recognising how proud she was of the county, Emma became empowered to drive growth, ambitions and local aspirations, to truly showcase the genuine and worthy pride of place we can all have in our mighty county. Today, Emma champions business development and a drive for outstanding customer service. To Emma, this is where the crux of how Lincolnshire’s visitor economy can set itself apart. A true cheerleader for the growth and evolution of not only its businesses but Lincolnshire itself. Emma even developed a new commercial strategy for Destination Lincolnshire. The perfect partner to shout about Destination Lincolnshire…

Emma Olivier-Townrow, The Lawn, Lincoln Emma Olivier-Townrow at Stokes Coffee Roastery Lincoln

“Our visitor economy is such an incredible asset and Destination Lincolnshire is what is going to really draw into focus the reputation of the entire county, not just select areas. There are lots of little pockets, all doing incredible things, across Lincolnshire. Our challenge is joining those pockets up – not only internally but in order for us to promote it to its full potential externally too.

“Destination Lincolnshire is definitely overdue, and essential for the future of the county. It will bridge the Midlands engine and deliver significant strategy where we need it most - this is a massive opportunity for the people of Lincolnshire. There are gems hidden across the county that have never been treasured before, now is the time for the county as a whole to really come together and get on board. I'm so fortunate that my career spans education, heritage, hospitality, visitor economy, business, arts and culture. All vital elements to driving sustainable innovation and growth, it's great to plough so much drive and creativity back into my home county.

We have such a broad landscape, Destination Lincolnshire will connect everyone and deliver first-hand support. It will be the platform to showcase the gravity of what Lincolnshire has to offer.

“It's time to look at the bigger picture, from Grimsby to Rutland, marketing the visitor economy across the greater landscape, addressing sustainability and seasonality too. It’s a big issue for so many of the businesses we are working with.

“Destination Lincolnshire will deliver more to businesses offering them a bigger network of sector support. And this will be across the county, rather than it being focussed on the city, with sub-groups on hand that will offer support, intel, and innovation. These groups will be working with businesses, not delivering to businesses.

“We really need to spread the branches of the Destination Lincolnshire network out as far as we can. Honest conversations with a myriad of stakeholders, surveys and research alongside the wider Business Creative work that I do, enabled a clear vision for the meaningful network that will be delivered in the commercial strategy that I designed for Destination Lincolnshire. Making relationships with other businesses is essential, business owners need other people to deliver that all-important external point of view.

Emma Olivier-Townrow at Stokes Coffee Lincoln

“Destination Lincolnshire will be the body to place equal value on the workforces driving the visitor economy as well as those coming to enjoy it. It can be a lonely place for businesses, they need somewhere to turn to. A place where business support is easy to find, a place where those all-important conversations are easy to have."

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