Kate Ellis


Kate Ellis

No stranger to transformation, Kate Ellis, Strategic Director at City of Lincoln Council, has had a hand in some of Central Lincoln’s most recent development projects, adding to the visitor experience as soon as people arrive. The point woman on the new Central Car Park, Lincoln Central Bus Station and Train Station forecourt developments, Kate’s work in the centre of the city not only introduced an appropriately professional gateway into the city but acted as the catalyst for the continuing development and evolution of The Cornhill area. A significantly weighty project and one that has, and still is, attracting some incredible global brands, independent businesses and local ventures into the city to continue its long overdue regeneration.

“The richness in the county relies on a strong country and strong city partnership to help people connect the dots of how our county works together as one big picture. So much of the city’s history is intertwined with destinations across the county, making it a far richer experience. And that’s what I know Destination Lincolnshire will really enhance.

Kate Ellis being interviewed for Destination Lincolnshire at Lincoln Central Bus Station Lincoln Central Bus Station

“For me, it’s about helping visitors and residents understand Lincolnshire more and how it plays into each landscape – from the coast and country to the city. The food and resulting produce that comes from our rolling fields can be found in the restaurants and cafes in the city and towns.

“It really is so important for the city to have these links around the county. That’s why Destination Lincolnshire is so important to us. The city and countryside have a symbiotic relationship, one can’t be without the other in regard to the economy. The offering is different wherever you go across Lincolnshire but very complimentary, and Destination Lincolnshire will really help enforce what that ‘offering’ is, what it looks like, and who can enjoy it.

“For the businesses within the visitor economy, Destination Lincolnshire will be the place to find support, expertise, like-minded voices and ideas that are all about pushing tourism and that all-important offering.

“Not only do you get exposure for your own business by being involved but you gain the support of your peers and the chance to effectively advocate and lobby for the things you want – even at government level.

Become part of that network and discover what’s on offer in a really easy way. And what’s brilliant, is the opportunities are endless.

“Getting on board with Destination Lincolnshire is a really proactive way to support your business and develop it with minimal effort and maximum impact. It’s great to be a part of something bigger. Knowing where you can get help and unrivalled support, without having to search for it.

“Destination Lincolnshire will broaden that picture we’ve all been looking at from the inside out for so long, enabling more visitors to come in and enjoy the wider offering, complimenting what Lincoln has already done.

“Getting people to stay for longer and in more locations, rather than calling in for just the day. We have so many business travellers coming and going, we want to make such an impression on them that they can’t wait to bring their friends and family back to visit for a holiday. Lincoln has become much more of a vacation stay destination over the years. We’ve moved from people visiting for the day to staying one night, then two and now visitors are beginning to see Lincolnshire as a holiday spot once again.

“People are coming to the city now to experience everything, not just what they can see in 24-hours. And that’s what we need to keep pushing. The next step is to encourage visitors to explore more of what the county has to offer.

Grand coffee house at Lincoln Central Bus Station Exterior of Everyman Cinema in the Cornhill Quarter

“There’s no doubt at all that everything has become much more deliberate and targeted already, and much broader in its remit too. The investment in Lincoln Castle, the immersive experience of Magna Carta, and the recently completed work on the Cathedral, it has all been incredible in adding to the visitor experience. And yes, the cultural side of things did suffer through Covid, with the Usher Gallery and The Collection remaining closed throughout, but we do now have venues bringing cultural life to a much broader audience.

The parks too have been invested in, from the Arboretum to Boultham Park and Deans’ Green in line with the Cathedral development - the quality and accessibility of our green spaces now are wonderful. You can come for the day and hire bikes or walk to explore the city, the offering is rich and diverse.

What’s more, our ease of accessibility has dramatically increased. Even with the famous hill! Nowhere is off-limits to our visitors and that is because partners and businesses are all supporting each other. A massive example is the LNER service to/from London.

“Since I first started at the council in 1996, moving to my current role in 2017, the quality of everything has dramatically improved. The visitor economy itself has massively shifted. There has just been an explosion of industry in the hospitality trade, teamed with a more professional approach to tourism.

“The whole aspiration behind this new DMO is one of synergy. You can enjoy all the heritage and drama of the city, yet still find beauty in the stunning coastline and nostalgia at the arcades. It’s about linking a hotel stay with cultural and leisure offers, developing your offering to deliver a broader Lincolnshire experience to customers. Become part of that network and discover what’s on offer in a really easy way. And what’s brilliant, is the opportunities are endless.”


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